Saturday, February 20, 2010, The Westside Arts District will hold their monthly “3rd Saturday” art walk from 11am to 5pm.
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Schedule of Events for the February 20th Westside Arts 3rd Saturday Art Walk:

Gyun Hur: repose @ Get This! Gallery

GET THIS! GALLERY— event 1pm – 1:45pm, open 11am to 5pm

662 11th St. NW

Artist talk: Gyun Hur

Get This! Gallery is pleased to present Atlanta-based artist Gyun Hur’s solo exhibition repose. For the exhibition Gyun Hur has constructed a poignant, visual landscape with layers of hand-shredded silk flowers that has been executed on an ambitious scale. Collected silk flowers are carefully disassembled and hand-shredded by the artist and a community of people around her. The pattern produced by this labor-intensive installation references the artist’s mother’s wedding blanket, beckoning memories of the past and inherent ephemeral comfort. The artist’s methodical destruction and reassembly of the silk flowers creates an introspective site, transforming the gallery into a place where internal memories lie in repose.

SALTWORKS— event starts approx. 1:45pm  (follows artist talk @ Get This!  Gallery), open 11am – 5pm

664 11th St. NW

Artist talk: Jiha Moon

Jiha Moon:  Blue Peony and Impure Thoughts. SALTWORKS is pleased to present Blue Peony and Impure Thoughts, featuring new works on paper and an installation by Atlanta-based artist Jiha Moon, on view through March 6.  Ms. Moon’s works abound in color, melding landscapes of varying perspectives.  Guston-like gestures and glimpses of Western iconography intermingle with traditional Asian calligraphy and brushwork creating an enchanting labyrinth of east meeting west.  *FUNDRED Collection location.

SANDLER HUDSON GALLERY– event 3pm – 4pm, open 11am-5pm, FREE
1009-A Marietta Street, NW,

Artist talk:  Susan Robert

Atlanta artist, Susan Robert will do a presentation discussing her new body of work  from her current exhibition, Reductions, involving an investigation of art history icons.  In these new paintings, Robert considers different aspects of various masterpieces, focusing her inquiry upon deconstruction, color field arrangement, and formatting the paintings into a modern grid like context.

*FUNDRED Collection Stations

Bobbe Gillis Gallery, Kiang Gallery, Octane Coffee and Saltworks Gallery will each host artist Mel Chin’s FUNDRED Dollar Bill Project during the Westside 3rd Saturday art walk on February 20. Everyone is invited to demonstrate that Atlanta cares about a solution to lead poisoning in New Orleans by drawing a FUNDRED Dollar Bill, an original, hand-drawn interpretation of a U.S. $100 bill, at one of the FUNDRED stations set up at each participating locating.  This nationwide project is raising awareness about the lead poisoned soil in New Orleans, one of the most lead polluted cities in the U.S., and seeks to collect at least 3 million FUNDREDS, the equivalent of $300 million, the estimated cost of making the soil in New Orleans lead-safe. To learn more or to make a FUNDRED in advance visit, The FUNDRED Dollar Bill Project continues at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center through March 18. 

Additional galleries open for viewing:

BOBBE GILLIS GALLERY—11:30am– 12:00pm, open 10am – 4pm, FREE
1000 Marietta Street, Suite 108

*FUNDRED Collection location.

EMILY AMY GALLERY–open 11 am – 5 pm, FREE

1000 Marietta Street, Suite 208,

The Feminine in Abstract Painting: New works by Cora Cohen, Melanie Parke, Kiki Slaughter and Margie Stewart

Although the “feminine” can no longer be defined as a strictly female trait, artwork is often seen as inherently feminine or masculine in nature.  By delving into the oeuvres of four female abstract painters from different regions, backgrounds, and generations the notion of the “feminine” will be simultaneously challenged and embraced.  By exploring the style and context of each artists’ work in relation to qualities that are often associated with femininity (such as sensuality and sensitivity) the consideration of a “feminine” in abstract painting will manifest itself.

KIANG GALLERY— open 11am – 5pm, FREE

1011-A Marietta Street, NW

Kiang Gallery is pleased to present an installation of new prints, sculpture, and installation works by Vietnamese born American artist, Hoang Van Bui. This will be his fourth solo show at the gallery, his first since 2004.  Homefronts III:  Born-Again explores complex issues of culture and identity, combining traditional sculpting materials and gathered objects. Van-Bui coaxes meaning out of exquisitely rendered materials, based on culturally specific symbols, such as the navel, which to Vietnamese is the physical center of human emotion, much like the heart to Westerners, searching for the emotional ground he calls home.  His process often forces incompatible materials into elegant harmonious compositions, reminding us that this is a poignant self –portrait.  *FUNDRED Collection location.

OCTANE COFFEE– open 8am – 10pm
1009-B Marietta Street NW

*FUNDRED Collection location.


535 Means Street, NW

Closed for installation.  Our next exhibition Substitute Teacher , opens March 5.

*Alternate FUNDRED Collection locations at Bobbe Gillis Gallery, Kiang Gallery, Octane Coffee and SALTWORKS.


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