NOV 20 // Brian Dettmer’s New Worlds to Conquer @ SALTWORKS

Brian Dettmer
New Worlds to Conquer
Exhibition runs November 20, 2010 – January 15, 2011
Opening reception, Saturday, Nov 20 7-10pm
Artist talk, Saturday, Dec 18 at 2pm

SALTWORKS is pleased to present the highly anticipated solo Atlanta debut of artist Brian Dettmer’s New Worlds to Conquer on view November 20, 2010 – January 15, 2011.

Sculpting traditional hard-cover books into artworks of intricate beauty, their richness and depth is uncovered and re-contextualized. Taking inspiration from the book “New Worlds to Conquer” by Richard Halliburton (1929) the exhibition harkens back to a time when exploration of new lands fueled the fire of imagination and intrigue.

Between WWI and WWII transcontinental flight first became possible but was still only accessible to an elite few with the drive and the means to explore the world. Far-away lands were at once within reach and a new quest for knowledge and adventure began. Adventurers returned from their explorations with exotic novelties and eye-opening stories of what they discovered on the other side of the globe. Museums exploded with the proliferation of newly discovered artifacts found around the world. The quest for knowledge boomed; ideas developed into books and encyclopedias expanded. The hunger for knowledge of the unknown fueled the quest and books became the perfect vehicle to spread the stories and discoveries made around the world.

For Dettmer’s first solo show in Atlanta, he continues to explore endless possibilities of the book as material and content. Questioning and examining the relationship between exploration and exploitation within records of knowledge and within the process of working with pre-existing media. When exploration has covered the surface a point is reached where one must ask if the continuation is deeper exploration or if it is an exploitation of obtainable materials and natural resources. When resources are locally exhausted, desperation sets in and extreme measures begin to take place. Exploration for adventure and knowledge has evolved into a complex paradigm of exploitation, appropriation and war.

Brian Dettmer is originally from Chicago,IL. He currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA. His work has been exhibited and collected throughout the U.S., Latin America and Europe and has been acquired for a number of public and private collections. Dettmer has received international acclaim for his innovative use of media (primarily hardcover books and cassette tapes) to create intricately sculpted artworks. His works have appeared in numerous publications worldwide including New York Times, Modern Painters, The Village Voice, Vogue Italia, Harper’s, Time Out, Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle among several others.

SALTWORKS  664 11th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318.  T 404-881-0411.


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