MARCH 19 // “Third Saturday” Art Walk!

Come out for plenty of art exhibitions and events on the Westside!


Life Support Japan Silent Auction at Jennifer Schwartz Gallery


*Life Support Japan Silent Auction*
1000 Marietta St. NW Ste 118.  (404) 351-1050.  Open 11am – 5pm.
Life Support Japan is an effort by photographers and galleries around the world to raise money to support those affected by the earthquake and tsunamis that struck Japan on March 11th, 2011.  Money raised from these joint efforts will be donated to Direct Relief International ( and Habitat for Humanity Japan (  Photographers have donated pieces from their bodies of work for the silent auction.  The auction will take place from 11am-5pm and winners will be announced at 6pm on March 19th.  Bids will be taken at the gallery and also by absentee bidding.  Absentee bids can be sent to auction@jenniferschwartzgallery from 11am-5pm (Eastern Standard Time).  We will accept absentee pre-bids Friday March 18th from 5pm-7pm.  Additionally there will be a “buy it now” option, where the bidder can buy the lot at the full retail price.

*New Exhibition*

1170 Howell Mill Rd., Ste. P-16.  (404) 307-0215. Open 11am – 4pm.
Astolfi Art presents ELEVEN,a group of diverse photographers will be exhibiting their work at Astolfi Art.  The culmination of refined bodies of photo-based media ranges from work that challenges the traditional photograph to work that embraces a photograph’s  classical sensibilities.  These artists represent fresh perspectives that add to the conversation of what is a photograph.  Astolfi Art has followed the progress of Meredith Ochoa, one of the elven, and has an affinity for her aesthetic sensibility and progress.  WWW.ELEVENEXHIBITON.COM

*Event 11 am – 12 pm*

535 Means Street NW. (404) 688-1970. Open 11 am – 5 pm.
Members, Free; General admission, $5; Students/Seniors, $3; Kids under 12, Free
*Event: Listening Party & Launch: Dust-to-Digital. Lance and April Ledbetter present and discuss their recent publication of vintage music-related photographs and 78s from the collection of artist and composer Steve Roden.
On View: Dana Schutz: Drawings & Prints, and Embodying. Schutz is a New York-based painter known for combining fantastic narratives, exuberant handling of materials, and pictorial inventiveness; and Embodying is a group show with Joe Biel, James Gobel, Stephen Schofield, Allison Smith, and Richard T. Walker, whose works investigate physical and psychological aspects of the human body, drawing inspiration from classic literature, nature, and urban life. Embodying is supported through Artadia: The Fund for Art and Dialogue.

*New Exhibition / Artist Present, Noon – 5pm*

662 11th St. NW.  (678) 596-4451. Open Noon – 5pm.
Jill Storthz: Woodcuts
On view is San Francisco based artist Jill Storthz’s third solo exhibition with Get This! The exhibit focuses exclusively on Storthz’s reductive woodblock prints. Storthz will be at the gallery during the W.A.D. walk from 12-5pm, please stop by to meet the artist.

*Final Day of Exhibition*

664 11th St. NW.  (404) 881-0411. Open Noon – 5pm.
Last chance to view the exhibition, Family Values. Michael Scoggins continues his exploration of American society through the physically of language and its mediums invoking thoughts of humanity, democracy and individual expression. Scoggins’ pushes the medium of paper to reveal its sculptural potential and visceral qualities evoked by its familiarity and makeshift plasticity.

*Artist Talk @ 1 pm*

1009-A Marietta Street NW.  (404) 817-3300. Open 11am to 5pm.
Corrine Colarusso – Shaggy Land
The artist Corrine Colarusso will give a talk on her exhibition, Shaggy Land.  Colarusso paints the landscape and visions of the natural world, real and imagined, because it offers the moving experience of positioning one’s place in the world.  Embodying a long history in art and culture, landscape offers recognition, familiarity, and sometimes strangeness; a place apart.

*Artist Talk @ 2 pm*

1000 Marietta St. NW, Suite 208.  (404) 877-5626. Open 11am – 5pm.
Exhibition: Meta Gary: Animal Instinct.  Emily Amy Gallery is pleased to present new works by emerging Atlanta-based artist, Meta Gary. Painting on untreated, exposed wood, Gary incorporates a contact paper/stencil technique to create a strong visual contrast and to accentuate her whimsical and seemingly simple imagery. Gary’s dreams about animals inform her work. Human and animal interaction, specifically the intimacy between the two, serves as the catalyst for the imagined scenarios that occupy her exposed wood panels. The distinct parallels that can be drawn between animals and humans serves as a significant theme the can be found throughout Gary’s work.

*Artist Talk @ 3 pm*

1011-A Marietta Street.  (404) 892-5477. Open Noon – 5pm.
ARTIST TALK: Pandra Williams and Joseph Goodman (Georgia Tech’s Center for Biologically Inspired Design)
Find out how local artists and Georgia Tech are collaborating to explore the ecosystem benefits of green infrastructure including vegetated roofs, solar panels, and composting.  This programming is part of the “. . .After the Suburbs” exhibition, open through April 2, 2011.

*Discussion @ 3 pm*
1170 Howell Mill Rd., Ste. 111.  (404) 580-4299
. Open 11am – 5pm.
{Poem88} at Tanner-Hill will host a dialogue between current exhibition artist Sharon Shapiro and Dinah McClintock, art historian and critic.  Their discussion will address feminist perspectives on erotic art versus pornography and the power of female sexuality. Within these parameters, each will discuss authorship, objectification and censorship.

1000 Marietta St. NW.  (404) 815-9886. Open 10am to 10pm.
New works by photographer Hazel Berger.  Berger’s photography centers around nature, in particular flowers are the artist’s favorite subject.  Her new works are photographs of all of Georgia’s State Parks.

1016 Howell Mill Rd. NW. Unit #3208 (Entrance is on 10th St.).  (404) 803-4316. Open 11am – 5pm.
TWIN KITTENS is pleased to present PATRIARCHS | MATRIARCHS, Dale Inglett’s first solo show in Atlanta, on view through April 9. The show will consist of videos, paintings and prints – all of which are abstractions of photographs from the turn of the previous century.  Inglett shares, “This body of work stems from an investigation of photographs of my ancestors. Using these as source images for paintings, video and prints, I attempt to challenge the fixed quality that photos seem to attach to identity, and to get at something more ineffable than likenesses. The works present, instead, the ever-shifting nature of identity. We change with every breath. I’m replacing the “proof” presented in photos with a re-imagining, a fiction, the unknown.”


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