Saturday June 18 Art Walk, 11am-5pm


Drop off new and used art supplies to benefit young artists in need at any of the Westside Arts District participating galleries.  Just look for the red bins!  This year the focus is on 2D art work – so we’re collecting items for drawing, painting, printmaking photography as well as miscellaneous items such as glue, glue sticks, scissors, rulers, matt boards, tape, etc.  You get the idea!
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*Event 11am-12pm*
535 Means Street NW (404) 688-1970 Open 11am-5pm
Members Free, General admission $5, Students $3, Seniors $3,
Kids under 12 Free
*Event: Creative Lives & Careers: Inspiration  Studio Program Artists David D’Agostino, Marcia Vaitsman, and Nancy VanDevender discuss the inspiration for their distinct works.
On view: Jessica Jackson Hutchins: The Important Thing About A Chair, and John Heward: Things
Closing Sun, June 19! Two exhibitions that combine expressive gestures, sensual materials, and space-altering invention. Works by Jessica Jackson Hutchins bring together glazed ceramic vessels nestled into altered furniture, and mixed media works on paper combining printmaking, collage, and drawing/writing. John Heward is one of Canada’s most respected artists, and his formal investigations into the possibilities of painting and sculpture are well known in that country; this is the first major presentation of his work in the United States.

{ Poem88 }
*1PM Artist Talk – Blake Williams*
1100 Howell Mill Road, Suite A03
White Provision District (behind Perrine’s and Garden)
Atlanta, Georgia 30318   tel 404.735.1000  Open Noon to 6pm
In conjunction with the exhibition, “Marwencol: photographs by Mark Hogancamp and David Naugle,”
Atlanta filmmaker Blake Williams will talk about his interest in documentary filmmaking and his current
work with Flux Projects documenting each artist’s contribution.  Williams films can be seen on the Flux Projects site:
“Marwencol” continues through June 25.  “Hogancamp’s project is undoubtedly a textbook example of outsider art, and enthralls for that genre’s particular reasons—aesthetic innocence, genuine otherness. But even without knowledge of the artist’s life, the photos step beyond neo-kitsch into a realm where child-like transference merges with a dramatic grandeur to create both a feeling of vintage Hollywood artifice and authentic pathos.“ — Michael Atkinson, The Village Voice, October 6 2010

*2pm Artist is present – Donna Mintz*
1009-A Marietta St. NW  404-817-3300 Open 12-5pm.
Artist Donna Mintz will be present at the gallery from 2 – 3pm.  Sandler Hudson is pleased to present Linda Armstrong and Donna Mintz in a two person show. Linda Armstrong’s new body of work, “Mycological Meanderings,” The artist uses topical contour drawings as an aesthetic terrain with narrative marks alluding to her movements through the landscape.  Donna Mintz presents four monochrome paintings titled, “untitled: gray paintings.”  Mintz’s labor intensive and process oriented large scale oils with collage represent a further exploration of recognizable themes of memory, time and place.  Note:  2pm, June 25th, Donna Mintz will give an artist talk.

*3PM Artist Talk – Chris Jordan*
1000 Marietta St. NW Ste 118.  (404) 351-1050. Open 11am – 5pm.
Artist Chris Jordan will speak at 3pm.  In an era of dwindling traditional publications, Diffusion:  Unconventional Photography strives to introduce new and innovative voices through articles, interviews, portfolios and a large group showcase.  This exhibit celebrates the release of the third volume of Diffusion, allowing editor Blue Mitchell the opportunity to share the works that shaped the vision of the annual in a traditional gallery setting. Included in the exhibition is a great cross section of artists working in innovative ways that push the proverbial photographic envelope.



1000 Marietta Street NW, Suite 208  (404) 877-5626 Open 11am – 5pm
Michael Abrams: The Haunting Hudson.  
Growing up in Rensselear County in upstate New York would eventually have a profound influence on Michael Abrams’ artistic career, although he was not aware of it then.  The views out his childhood bedroom window of the Hudson River Valley became deeply engrained in his subconscious and have since become the predominant subject of his work.  The landscapes are loosely based on these Hudson River Valley vistas he remembers but are also partially fabricated in his imagination.  The combination makes for atmospheric, luminescent and ethereal paintings created from layering glazes from semi-transparent to opaque.  The result is a beautifully rendered edenic nature of Abrams’ own personal invention.

*New Exhibition*
1011-A Marietta Street  404 892 5477  Open Noon – 5pm.
“Small Pieces, Loosely Joined.”  Curated by Karen Tauches, this group show is titled after David Weinberger’s unified theory of the web. Internet culture has undoubtedly affected how we gather and connect nuggets of information. No longer are we bound to particular chronologies. Artists have been known to use loosely associated images and information to gesture abstractly toward a concept. This exhibition illustrates the fluidity of connections both in the content of individual works and in the style in which it is presented. artists: MARC BROTHERTON, KAREN BRUMMUND, CAROLYN CARR, INKYOUNG CHUN, AMANDINE DROUET, ANNETTE GATES, HOLLIS HILDEBRAND-MILLS, JUDY RUSHIN, BEN STEELE, CHRISTIAN BRADLEY WEST, JAN VORMANN, STAN WOODARD.

*New Exhibition*
1009-B Marietta St.  (404) 815-9886. Open 8am – 11pm
Octane is psyched to present “Made,” an exhibition of contemporary handmade graphic design. Inspired by the resurgence of interest in handcraft (in fashion, food, objects, and more), Made pays tribute to contemporary artisanship by upsetting its assumptions and de facto aesthetic. Made is curated and produced by The Southern Design Concern and features the work of 20 designers who have ties to the American South. This show is presented in partnership with Modern Atlanta and with support from Son & Sons. Additional information can be found at

11th Street >>>

662 11th St. NW.  (678) 596-4451. Open Noon – 5pm.
On view in the gallery: Gone With the Twins by Atlanta based female street art duo, Paper Twins.  Edgar and Nica met in Atlanta when they started working in the same coffee shop.  Having different backgrounds, they became infatuated with each other’s cultures, sharing music and films and spending long nights telling each other stories.  Little did they know that these stories were the stepping stones of a new body of work.  Wood, sand, sound, grain, grass… They used everything they could to coax these stories and memories to come alive again. But memories will never come alive again.  Don’t be fooled; experiences and stories are distorted with time and after the years you end up telling your stories the way you want to remember them, romanticizing hardship, chuckling at deep-rooted superstitions and seeing the past through affection-tinted eyes.

*Final Day*

664 11th St. NW.  (404) 881-0411. Open Noon – 5pm.
Saltworks is pleased to present Black Drawings works by Atlanta-based Cuban artist Alejandro Aguilera.  The Black Drawings began as “formal experiments in technique and improvisation inspired by music, textile design through geometrical forms and the natural landscape.” The works then expanded to incorporate early modernist takes on African Art specifically those from the art historical movements of Primitivism, Cubism and Futurism. Since his arrival to Atlanta, Aguilera added the Southern Vernacular Art to his library of influences.


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