SAT March 17: Join us on the Westside for another inspiring ART WALK

Jody Fausett, Black with Orange Racing Stripe, 2011, Photograph, 240 x 30 inches, Courtesy the artist, on view currently in Day Job: Georgia at ACAC.


*11am-12pm Event
535 Means Street NW, (404) 688-1970, Open 11am-5pm
Members free, General admission $5, Students $3, Seniors $3
*Event: Mini Lectures: On the Job
In conjunction with our Day Job: Georgia exhibition, we’ve invited several Atlantans to discuss their unique work experiences. Todd Schlenke is a scientist working on cancer research; Dustin Mattson is a coffee maven at Octane; and Alyson West is a forensic actor who role plays with law enforcement and the FBI. Artistic Director Stuart Horodner moderates the discussion.
Exhibitions on view:
Day Job: Georgia, curated by Nina Katchadourian of The Drawing Center and Stuart Horodner of ACAC, brings together 15 artists whose various modes of employment have a clear link to the art that they produce. Selected from a statewide call for submissions that yielded hundreds of applicants, those chosen work in the food, architecture, gardening, sales, security, customer service, home improvement, and childcare industries.
100,000 Cubicle Hours, curated by Beth Malone and Courtney Hammond, of Dashboard Co-Op. Having recently started “real jobs” themselves, the four artists in this exhibition have created an office environment to give viewers a sense of what it’s like for creative types to bumble around under fluorescent lighting, secretly playing within the gray space in an effort to keep their spirits intact.

*1pm Artist Talks
1100 Howell Mill Road Suite A03
White Provision Bldg,  tel 404.735.1000, hrs: Wed-Sat, noon to 6pm
Artists Julia Kjelgaard and Mehmet Dogu will both be present to speak about their work in the current exhibition, LIVING COLOR: new works by Julia Kjelgaard and Mehmet Dogu.  Trained as a printmaker and an architect respectively, both Kjelgaard and Dogu use color to communicate our relationships to space and place. Beyond the formal beauty of the work, both artists urge the viewer toward a more nuanced condition of connectedness: Kjelgaard through the layering of imagery and Dogu, perhaps, more directly, through the democratic glow of colored light encompassing the gallery and the viewer equally.

Emily Amy Gallery
*2 PM Talk about upcoming Wonderglo Event
1000 Marietta Street NW, Ste 208, tel. 404.877.5626, hrs 11AM-5PM
Atlanta arts and community advocate, WonderRoot, has teamed up with nationally renowned contemporary dance company gloATL to host a joint fundraising celebration on March 24, 2012, at The W Atlanta – Midtown. The event, Wonderglo, will benefit the artistic and educational endeavors of both organizations.  Chris Appleton (founder of Wonderroot) and Lauri Stallings (choreographer and leader of gloATL) will be present to discuss the exciting evening and give a sneak peek at the event.

Sandler Hudson Gallery
*4:00 Artists Present
1009-A Marietta St
Atlanta, GA 30318 tel. 404-817-3300 hrs. 10-5 Tuesday-Friday, 12-5 Saturday
“Andrew Crawford’s sculpture stems from a classical approach to object making.  He finds his inspiration in everyday objects, often from his own workshop.  Using traditional sculpture materials, innovative techniques, and an emphasis on craftsmanship, Crawford seeks to eliminate the utilitarian quality of useful objects, leaving their recognizable qualities to dictate their own identity. Exploring the relationship between manufactured items and hand made objects, he exploits the boundaries between mechanical and organic form. His goal is to create objects that invite the viewer to recognize and appreciate familiar imagery.”
Katherine Mitchell’s new body of work explores “the ways in which the houses in which we have lived in our early lives influence our dreams, day-dreams, creativity and art. The texts embedded in these paintings include many ideas from the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, whose book The Poetics of Space was important in my conceiving of these works. He said, “Through poems [or paintings] we touch the ultimate poetic depth of the space of the house,” which “is one of the greatest powers of integration for the thoughts, memories, and dreams of mankind.” Bachelard also reflected on the importance of “a dream of elsewhere.” This idea is seen in the works based on journeys involving a formative, early experience of literature. The inner journey, like the inner dwelling, is essential.”


Fall Line Press
1000 Marietta Street, Ste 112, tel. 404.885.1080, hrs 11AM-5PM
Stop by the bookstore to check out some new arrivals from Nazraeli Press, Twin Palms and Gottlund Verlag. We’re still the new kids on the block, and we’d love to show you what Fall Line Press is all about.

Jennifer Schwartz Gallery
*Last day to see Watershed and Precious Things
1000 Marietta Street, Ste 112, tel. 404.885.1080, hrs 11AM-5PM
Watershed is a long-term documentary project by photographer Jeff Rich of the Mississippi watershed, highlighting the relationship between the land, water and man. Precious Things features the work of four photographers (Heidi Kirkpatrick, Jefferson Hayman, Lori Vrba and Lisette de Boisblanc) that all create small, intimate objects. This is the last day to see both shows!

*the reply was a rather vague letter*
1009-B Marietta St.  (404) 815-9886 Open 8am – 11pm
Scott Dupree showcases some surrealist crowd pleasers. Come be tickled pink by his imaginative scenes and characters.
*Scott Dupree is an artist based in Atlanta, Georgia with a focus on historical, yet surrealist, figurative renderings painted in acrylic paints and wax crayon.** You can visit him online at*


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