SAT, May 19 ART Walk: The Westside is the best Side!

“Small, Yellow Dust” (2012) by Jiha Moon courtesy of Saltworks Gallery


*11am-12pm Event
535 Means Street NW, 404.688.1970, Open 11am–5pm
Members free, General admission $5, Students $3, Seniors $3
*Event: Painters in Dialogue
Atlanta artists Craig Drennen, Shara Hughes, and Ben Steele discuss how paint factors into their ideas and activities.

Exhibition on view:
Painters Panting draws its inspiration from Painters Painting, a 1972 documentary examining American art movements from Abstract Expressionism to Pop. This exhibition features 7 painters (David Diao, Craig Drennen, Saul Fletcher, Alex Hubbard, Judy Ledgerwood, Chris Martin, Jennifer West) addressing conditions of exhaustion and desire; using aspects of art history, music, Shakespeare, and the decorative; and making photographs, films, and videos that express the joy of studio experiments and collaborations.

Fall Line Press
12:30 Talk with William Boling and Michael David Murphy
1000 Marietta Street, Ste 112, tel. 404-885-1080, hrs. 11-5 Tuesday-Saturday
Join Publisher William Boling and Editor Michael David Murphy to talk about how Fall Line Press has grown in the past year, and the exciting plans we have coming up. In June, we will release our first book, Bottom of da Boot by photographer Kael Alford. William and Michael will discuss this project, and pre-orders will be available of the book for $45.

Emily Amy Gallery
*1pm Artist Talk
1000 Marietta Street NW, Suite 208, tel 404-877-5626, hrs 11 – 5pm
Emily Amy Gallery is pleased to present our first solo exhibition for Massachusetts-based painter, Bernd Haussmann.  The show, entitled Darwin’s Coral, will include new works in a variety of media and in an assortment of sizes, ranging from small intimate works on panel to large abstract canvases.   The show’s title is a reference both to the broader concept of evolution and the natural world that is so critical to Haussmann’s work and process as well as to the more blatant patterns that often appear in this new series.  In addition to the new collection of paintings that will be on view, there will also be several short films broadcast during the show that will allude to the elusive yet familiar natural world.

Jennifer Schwartz Gallery
*2PM Artist Talk
1000 Marietta Street, Ste 112, tel. 404-885-1080, hrs. Tuesday-Saturday 11AM – 5PM
Heidi Lender will discuss her work shown Self Time[d]. The new exhibition will feature work from three series: Once Upon, Green Dress and She Can Leap Tall Buildings. Heidi appears as the model in all three series in various dress to convey a story. Witty and beautiful, all the images in the exhibition examine wardrobes and surrounding spaces as a reflection of who we are or who we purport to be.

* 3pm Collaborative Drawing Project for Kids and Parents
White Provision Building
1100 Howell Mill Road Suite A03, hrs: Wed-Sat, noon to 6pm and by appointment
Artist William Downs will lead parents and kids in an exercise to produce their own collaborative drawings using marker, collage, watercolor, pen and pencil.  Crossing Lines,  a collaborative endeavor by William Downs (b. 1974, Greenville, SC) and Brooke Pickett (b. 1980, Shreveport, LA) merges line, landscape, and vision into one cohesive body of work.  The artists, who met in New Orleans during the summer of 2011, embarked on this journey hoping to synthesize their distinct approaches to drawing and fueled by their admiration for each other’s practices. Downs deftly captures movement and gesture, while Pickett’s thoughtful drawings depict quirky shapes and indiscernible objects. Together their drawings encompass a multitude of imaginary spaces, ideas, and musings.


*Group Exhibition
1100 Howell Mill Road #AO4, tel 404.307.0215, hrs wed-sat 12 – 6 pm or by appointment
Astolfi Art is celebrating our recent move to a larger location within the White Provision development. Join us in viewing contemporary works by artists Todd  Murphy, John Folsom, Kevin Archer, Tony Hernandez, Maxine Hull, Felice Sharp, Cynthia Knapp, Gregor Turk, Michael Myers, and Tracy Sharp.  Astolfi maintains gallery hours wed- sat, 12- 6pm. Art consulting services are available as well.

No Place Like Home
1009-B Marietta St.  (404) 815-9886 Open 8am – 11pm
Dianna Settles’ latest body of work blurs together images of actual and imagined life from home and places far from it. Through a collection and reinterpretation of memories from cities and counties scattered throughout the U.S., No Place Like Home works to obscure the boundaries of closeness and pull the viewer into a sense of familiarity by giving a glimpse into her own and others’ hometowns and lives.

Dianna Settles is an art student learning French in Atlanta who likes hiking, biking, and cooking. She sings in The Wild and works for Sopo Bicycle Cooperative. You can keep up with what she cooks, sees, and makes at

664 11th Street NW
, tel 404.881.0411, hrs 12 – 5pm
Detourist:  Atlanta-based artist Jiha Moon’s floating landscapes are shifting cultural narratives, playfully blending symbols, materials and techniques to slow down the viewer’s impulse to assume meaning and sometimes mislead by highlighting popular misconceptions or “shortcuts”. Her dynamic paintings skillfully integrate color, mark making, material and iconic imagery to examine the impermanence of cultural identity.  Jiha Moon is a 2011 recipient of the prestigious Joan Mitchell Foundation Award.

Sandler Hudson Gallery
John Martini , WAIT ‘n FATE
1009-A Marietta St NW Atlanta GA 30318
T-F 10-5, Sat 12-5 and by appointments. 404-817-3300
“Walking into the Sandler Hudson Gallery exhibition featuring artist John Martini feels like entering the dismantled remnants of some vintage carnival. The Key West, Fla., artist’s whimsical sculptures in thick polychrome steel sit around the gallery like component parts from some antique merry-go-round or Ferris wheel. […]. Martini works with remarkably cumbersome, heavy materials, locking his metal pieces together with massive nuts and bolts and anchoring them to the ground on thick metal stands. But his sculptures of fruit bowls, birds both big and small, horses and human figures have a childish, winsome presence that offsets their solidity and heft.  […]. A charming suite of brightly colored, graphically simple monoprints whose vivid blues, reds and yellows mimic the palette of his sculptures, as well   as the compellingly oddball forms. These abstracted human and animal figures who appear to be grappling with a physically or psychologically challenging world suggest a cross between Spanish surrealist Joan Miro and folk artist Bill Traylor’s humorous, poetically stark drawings.”


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